Italy so far…

This last week has been a whirlwind! We were told we were leaving on Tuesday together, but let me briefly tell you what really happened. Since my passport and Mushu’s paperwork weren’t in yet, I dropped Patrick off at the airport, bawled like a baby, then went home, and waited for the mailman. The mail came that afternoon and I called to see if I could fly to Virginia to meet Patrick so that we could fly the last leg together. No luck. I got a ticket for Wednesday afternoon and stopped in Detroit, Paris, and then finally made it to Naples. It took 20 hours. 20 hours of Mushu being in a carrier and me freaking out thinking he was going to pee, meow, vomit, or all three. But he was perfect!!! He only meowed four times when we landed in Paris. I would take him again on another trip, if we could. The flight was exhausting, as expected, and carrying around a 16.5 pound cat was no joke, but I’m here three weeks early! We are so happy to finally be together and to enjoy all that Naples has to offer. We’re getting accustomed to the base, and are staying in a hotel right now. In the next couple of weeks we’re going to start looking at places to call home.

Here’s five things we’ve learned so far:

  1. It’s normal for two men to be on a moped with a child sandwiched between them.
  2. Eggs are only eaten for dinner.
  3. Only wine or water is acceptable for meals.
  4. If you order a pepperoni pizza, you’ll get a pizza with bell peppers.
  5. There are NO rules to the road.

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