5, 703 miles away

If you asked me if I missed home, I would say no. I don’t miss home, but I do miss the people there. A lot. Today is Patrick’s first day of official work. He leaves at 5:30am since he works out prior, and he then gets off around 4pm. I couldn’t sleep, so I walked him out and told him bye, fed Mushu, the usual. It was like sending a kid off to school, ha! The minute he walked out I thought of sitting around the hotel, having nothing to do. A minute later, I heard a rattle outside and didn’t think anything of it until Mu looked up from his food bowl (shocker) from me to the door. I opened it and saw Patrick. All he said was, “I love you” one last time before running off, even though he was already (almost) late. It’s the little things. It’s been fairly easy transitioning into this role of husband and wife now since we only have each other. Every night can be date night and it’s (almost) fun having no plans most nights. Remember, I’m a planner…

On another note, we are car owners again! In a surprising turn of events, we were able to buy a BMW for a whopping $100. (I’ll be getting a call any minute from my mom asking if I’m joking…) Honestly, it really isn’t THAT bad. Needs some work, a new side mirror here and a couple of parts there, but it’ll get us by. We bought it from a lot on base, so we trust it. I guess you could say this car talk will “be continued” since it’s a work in progress at the moment.


“Every dreamer knows that it is entirely possible to be homesick for a place you’ve never been to, perhaps more homesick than for familiar ground.”
— Judith Thurman


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