Villa Hunting

Patrick and I have been very busy lately searching high and low for the perfect home. I’m happy to say that we finally picked one! It only took two days, but looking at 14 homes in that short span was exhausting. Ironically, the house we picked was the first one we looked at! I fell in love with this house from the very start. When we went back to look at it again, we were told some land behind the house also came with it. Patrick was instantly sold. The house is bright yellow and makes me happy just looking at it! (It may be the color or the fact that soon enough we will have our very first home together.) Prayers that everything works out as it should is appreciated! It should be two to three more weeks before we move in due to all the paperwork (yuck)! But it’s just in time to pass out Halloween candy and celebrate the season of Fall, my favorite!!

In other news, we have found some activities that we both enjoy so far! Patrick plays flag football one night a week and ultimate frisbee another night of the week. I’ve joined a women’s bible group with some lovely ladies. I would say that we’re adjusting well, and we can’t wait to be living out in town to get the real feel of things. Happy Monday!

Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.                                                  -Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

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