Food & Festivities

Our sweet friends took us about thirty minutes away for some MEXICAN FOOD. I’m talkin’ good stuff! This food was delicious, and exactly what Patrick and I have been wanting after living off of margherita pizza and pasta the last three weeks. It was one heck of a drive to get there though. It was our first time through the toll booth. First time following behind someone in order to reach our destination, and the first time we almost wrecked about forty times. Patrick generally drives to work, which is located 15 minutes away on another base, and that’s the extent of our driving so far. I thought my dad, who is originally from New York, was a crazy driver. Driving here is like playing real life Mario Kart… I’m yelling at Patrick to look out for cars and to not be too close to others! Yet by some magical reasoning, we’ve yet to see a wreck. Everyone stops just in time to let people cross the road (and by “let them cross” I mean people just slow walk out into a busy street when cars are coming and yet the cars stop!!!). I truly don’t understand, but I’m not the one driving… yet!


(Chicken enchilada with rice and beans)

With Halloween coming up, I thought I would share what I’ve learned about that tradition. Patrick and I have been warned that tons of kids will come into our (soon to be) neighborhood and “Trick or treat” in order to get candy since it’s known that Americans live there, but in fact, the holiday isn’t for the kids at all. November 1st is All Saints Day which honors those who have died for the church. November 2nd is another holiday, All Souls Day, also called Day of the Dead. Typically graves are cleaned up and redecorated. We look forward to passing out candy (if we’re in our house) and everything else we get to encounter!

“Eat, drink, and be scary.” -Unknown

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