Hot Air Balloon Festival…







Well, we went to a hot air balloon festival because I have this crazy fascination with them, but we left before we could see any balloons! We had been there quite a while and it didn’t seem like anything was going to happen anytime soon. We did get to see some stunning views of the countryside. The festival was located a little over an hour away from Naples in a town called Fragneto Monforte. Patrick and I walked a bit away from the festival and found a house under construction in order to get these great views. With or without the hot air balloons, this town is bellissima!

“Like hot air balloons, all of us are engineered to soar to great heights. Unfortunately, many of us “sandbag” ourselves. We do things, we think things, and we believe things that hold us down. We get insecure, fearful, and jealous. We judge people, think negatively and make excuses for our unhappiness. We become our biggest obstacle. Imagine what it would be like if we got out of our own way.”
– Unknown

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