Light in the Dark


Today I had the privilege of dropping off donations of clothes for these children. Two Italian women, a mother and daughter, pick up roughly 30 children each morning to bring them to a building where they watch them during the day. (The building is donated to them as well as food and clothing items.) The children’s mothers are victims of sex trafficking here in Italy. Italy and Spain are two of the most popular destinations for this horrible work. The older children are taken to school and brought back to the building afterwards, where they can do homework and play. Then they’re all dropped off to their mothers at night. These two women, who have invested so much voluntary time into these children, are angels. The children came right up to me and held my hands. They were surprised I spoke English, since the women only speak Italian to them. Most of the children are Nigerian, and they all have the sweetest hearts. We prayed over the two women, and it was the strongest sense of the Holy Spirit that I have ever felt. The women, especially the mother, speaks very little English. We started to pray, and by the end of it, several women were in tears. The mother and daughter were two of which that were brought to tears. Prayer knows no barrier of language and no boundary. I felt I needed to give back to these women in some way because they have done an extraordinary amount for these kids. I hope to start volunteering next week and helping them any way I can!

Along with this, there’s an organization here called Mission of Light. This group helps women who are trafficked on the streets and through prayer. You start off on the prayer team and eventually, if you choose to, can go out on the streets to help. I hope to eventually help those that are in need of the streets. This issue is global, though you see it openly in Italy. Patrick and I drove down the street and in less than two miles, counted 8 women who were waiting for clients. It’s a horribly sad world we live in when issues like this are still occurring.

I have these powerful words of a song stuck in my head, and that’s what I would tell these women who are forced into trafficking.

“You were made to shine
You were made for life
Even if you’ve lost your way
Turn and you will hear love say
You were made for more
So much more
Child of everlasting light
Made to blaze away the night
So baby, burn bright
Burn bright
You can rise up from the ashes
Make something beautiful
Of all the broken pieces
And I’m believing you’ll come running
Into the arms of Jesus”

Burn Bright, Natalie Grant

2 thoughts on “Light in the Dark

  1. I love your obedient, tender, compassionate, Jesus heart. I am so grateful that am witnessing the things God is doing through you. Love Nana.


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