8 Things To Do in Germany

Patrick and I took a four day trip to Germany over Thanksgiving. It was our first trip since we moved to Italy, and it was a perfect first trip! We had friends show us around- where to eat, where to go, and what to see. They knew it all and we are so glad our first trip was a breeze because of these friends! Here’s a few things to do if you find yourself in Germany-

1. Visit the Cathedral in Cologne. If you get the chance to climb the 533 steps to the top, you’ll see some brilliant views.IMG_7932.JPGIMG_7928.JPGIMG_7931.JPGIMG_7925.jpgIMG_7927.JPG
2. Visit the German Christmas Market in Frankfurt. Or in any town for that matter! Most of the towns have their own Christmas Market this time of year. We visited about 4-5 markets while we were there because, why not?! If you get the chance, try “gluhwein”. It’s a popular hot wine that tastes pretty good. It warms you right up when you’re exploring the Market.
3. Grab some coffee or tea from a cafe. We loved stumbling upon these cafes and going inside for a quick drink. I will say that we stumbled upon a Starbucks while in Cologne, and I honestly think my heart stopped. I know I’m being a little ridiculous, but I was overjoyed since there’s no Starbucks in Italy. (There might be a Starbucks just built in Milan, but that’s forever away from us.)IMG_1664.JPG

4. Take a stroll! You will be amazed where you end up. We walked along Volcano Lake which led to a Monastery.IMG_1736.JPGIMG_1733.JPGIMG_7902.JPGIMG_1744.JPG

5. Visit many historic buildings- for example, the Crane and beautiful surroundings in Andernach, which is located on the Rhine River.IMG_1674.JPGIMG_1686.JPGIMG_1685.JPGIMG_1680.JPG
(We found this memorial while walking by the Rhine River after viewing the Crane.) IMG_1719.JPG

6. The Round Tower- better known as “Runder Turm” in German.IMG_1670.jpg

7. Take a peek at the city wall going into Andernach. In the summertime, they have a communal vegetable garden and chicken coop. Anyone can help out by planting or feel free to take some eggs and veggies when needed.IMG_1663.JPGIMG_1728.JPGIMG_1713.jpg

8. Take the lift in Koblenz from the “German Corner” to Ehrenbreitstein Fortress. It only costs 12 Euro and includes your entry into the Fortress!IMG_7955.JPG

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