A look back on 2016

Despite the stigma that 2016 was horrible, it was an amazing year for us. (I don’t think it’s fair to say that the whole year was necessarily “bad” since there may be bad moments, but there are always good moments, too.) So, here’s why 2016 was the best year in our books:

1. To name the obvious, we were given the chance to move to Italy. It has opened our eyes to how other people live and how fortunate we truly are as Americans. I am forever grateful to be able to travel and to be submerged into a new culture at the start of our marriage and in our early 20s.

2. Which leads me to, GETTING MARRIED! To be honest, growing up I always wanted to get married but never thought it would happen. It’s funny now since I married so early! Anyways, it’s a blessing to have Patrick by my side. Our rooftop wedding was perfect for us! I love reliving it through photos and videos.


3. I turned 21 and went to Vegas, baby! (Thanks to my Aunt and Uncle!)IMG_5560.JPG


4. We moved into our first home!!! (Although we rent and it’ll only be for 3 years, it’s still our first house together nonetheless!) I am working on getting a house blog up in the next few weeks.


5. We re-found our faith in Naples. They say that as a military wife, you “find yourself” while living here. While I don’t know if that’s true, I know that we found our faith again. We can pray together and that is one of the simplest, yet important and intimate things you can do.

6. We added a puppy to our family! While I didn’t know if I should add this one since things are tough with our dog right now, I decided to write about the good and the bad times in our lives. Nala has been an angel and a nightmare wrapped up in one. I think it’s been more difficult for us since Patrick had the accident, and caring for him and her was hard at times. She tends to get into EVERYTHING and although I love her, we have thought of the possibility of giving her to a friend since she has been a stressor in our marriage. I will give it more time, look into the idea of a kennel, and love on her some more!


7. Patrick came out of a motorcycle accident (almost scratch free) with just a hematoma. This year ended in a whirlwind. It has tested our marriage, made us rely on each other more than ever, and made us truly thankful to have one another.

We hope that everyone has a blessed new year filled with loved ones! May your 2017 be what you make it, and may more friends and family travel to Naples this coming year!

One thought on “A look back on 2016

  1. What a truly encouraging summary for me to read about very special grand-daughter and grandson. May 2017 keep you directed and responsive to HIS HOLY SPIRIT. Love Nana.

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