London, Eye Love You

London, England was our second trip so far! We chose to visit to be close to family around the holidays. There is so much to see, even with the week that I was given, I couldn’t see it all! Here are a few tips and recommendations:

  1. Do the bus tour. Do the bus tour. Do the bus tour. I can’t say this enough. It is wonderful, especially if you can’t rent a car or have a car to explore in. You can hop on and off all day, and it takes you to numerous top spots. It’s the best bang for your buck.
  2. Act like a tourist, get treated like a tourist. Yeah, it’s fun to be the tourist, but that makes you an easier target for pickpocketing and everything else. We didn’t have this problem in London, but I always keep it in the back of my mind when traveling.
  3. Enjoy the moment! (I need this advice more than anyone.) At some point in the trip, put the plans away and roll with it! Those just might be the best memories. I went to brunch by myself and it was one of the best days I had alone. I’m a people-person, but sometimes you need to walk to the corner bistro, sip tea, and read a good book.
  4. Make (most) reservations and bookings in advance. We did this with almost everything! We were able to skip the long queues and didn’t have a wait time either.
  5. Take the trains, subways, etc. And don’t freakout like we did (HA!) when you get lost. It’s bound to happen, and you’re bound to find your way back “home” too.





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