A Weekend in Salerno


This was probably my favorite trip so far. It was GORGEOUS, even for being Winter! We had one snowy day and one sunny day. Both days were fun despite it being freezing!! Patrick and I stayed in an Airbnb in Salerno and then explored the coast a bit. We went to Castello di Arechi, which had the most breathtaking views. I wanted to stay there and lookout forever.

When we first drove into Salerno, it was nighttime and all the Christmas lights were still up. I saw this huge white Christmas tree, and I talked about it the whole trip! On Saturday night we were walking around and I looked up and yelled at Patrick, “There’s the white tree I’ve been talking about!!!” I was smiling from ear to ear because I couldn’t believe we stumbled upon it. That was my favorite moment of the whole weekend. It was beautiful!

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