Adventures in Rome

Our first visitors, my mom and grandma, joined us for a week! We chose to go to Rome one of the days they were here. If you get the chance, spend the night! We drove about two hours from my house in Naples to Rome and spent about 8 hours eating and exploring. Here’s the list of what we accomplished in that time-

  1. Vatican Museum- This took about 3.5 hours since we chose to eat lunch in the cafeteria here. Included an Egyptian exhibit, viewing of the Sistine Chapel, a stroll in the garden, and a few other exhibits. While in the Sistine Chapel, a priest was there in case anyone wanted to go to confession or be prayed over!img_2215img_2206img_2211img_2208img_2207img_8575(I had to sneak a picture of the Sistine Chapel, even though we weren’t allowed to!)
  2. Colosseum- This was the quickest thing we did all day. Unless you get a 45 minute tour guide, you’re pretty much in to take a few pictures, then back out.img_2226img_2240img_2258img_8587img_8588
  3. A bite to eat- Again! We stopped for cannolo’s (cannoli’s) and cappuccinos.
  4. Palatine Hill- On the hill was the best view of the Colosseum, so we stopped in to take some pictures!img_2247img_2248
  5. Trevi fountain- Make a wish!img_2302img_8591img_2296img_2284
  6. A little shopping! I went into a store for some Valentine decorations, and ended up buying a doormat with a heart on it. I put it out as soon as we got home! The next day it was torn to pieces by our puppy, Nala. Not. Cool.
  7. Wandering…img_2280img_2227img_2311img_2310img_2307img_2304

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