Mozzarella di bufala

Patrick and I went on a day trip to a mozzarella factory, a buffalo farm, and explored some farmhouse ruins! In the mozzarella factory the men showed us how to make the mozzarella using their hands, instead of with the machines. The cheese mixture is kept in warm water until it’s ready to be made. Then the water is drained and constantly stirred with a bowl and a stick. Parts of the cheese are torn off and dunked in cold water. Then parts of that cheese are torn off into even smaller bits. The last tear is done more neatly to make a sphere looking mozzarella ball. Or they can braid the mozzarella, which I had never seen before!


The buffalo farm was my favorite part, though it smelt awful at times. The babies were adorable, especially when Patrick got them to lick him! The female buffalo are obviously used for milk and the males are used for reproduction and meat. The average milk produced a day is 8 Liters. A Kilo of mozzarella needs 4 Liters of milk in order to be made. Wow! That’s a lot of milk!


After the factory and farm, Patrick and I had a four course lunch that was included in our day tour. On our way home we drove past some farmhouse ruins, which is extremely typical where we live, though we’ve never had the chance to stop because it’s typically gated or there’s traffic in the area. Today we were able to stop!! I was so excited because I’ve been wanting to look at one up-close.


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