2017 Wrap-up

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here! Honestly, the program I was using wasn’t working right and it became more of a hassle to blog than not. I’m going to try again this year! I’m excited to update everyone on how 2017 went for us. We had a total of S E V E N visitors come see us! Some were friends and some were family. My mom and Grandma came in January (one whole year ago!!), my other grandma came in April, Patrick’s brother came in June, and I had three friends come visit in July! We love having visitors come so we can show them around. Patrick and I decided to wait to do certain things until we have guests come so that we’re not seeing the same sites 4,000 times while we’re here! Let’s beat seven visitors in 2018!!!!



Over the last year, I’ve traveled to six countries (England, Northern Ireland, Morocco, Slovenia, Croatia, & went back to the States) plus multiple new cities around Italy (Florence, Venice, Alberobello, Amalfi, Rome, etc.) Patrick only traveled to the States, but he went all over Italy as well! Our favorite trip in Italy was Alberobello! Patrick and I got to stay in a Trulli house and go on a “safari ” in our car. While I loved all of the countries I visited, my favorite was Ireland! I went with my two best friends and we actually drove around the entire country. We visited the Cliffs of Moher, Giant’s Causeway, and hopped around Dublin. Patrick and I also planned a trip to Paris, but we missed our flight! (That one was my fault…)


Throughout this whole year my word for 2017 was B A L A N C E. I tried to balance having a new job, maintaining the house, traveling, finishing up school, the whole package. It was a juggling act at times and I definitely slacked off more than I should in some aspects. I learned A LOT over this year and couldn’t have done it all without God or Patrick by my side.


We have a few trips lined up this year already! In between posting info and photos from those, I’ll try to post the old photos and trips from 2017. We wish everyone a Happy New Year!!! Love, Patrick & Alexis

One thought on “2017 Wrap-up

  1. What a wonderful adventurous time you are having. I am happy you have this opportunity to see the world….BUT we all miss you both very much. We love you so very much. I did enjoy my short visit with you and I am gratefulPatti surprised me with it.


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