Food & Festivities

Our sweet friends took us about thirty minutes away for some MEXICAN FOOD. I’m talkin’ good stuff! This food was delicious, and exactly what Patrick and I have been wanting after living off of margherita pizza and pasta the last three weeks. It was one heck of a drive to get there though. It was … More Food & Festivities

Villa Hunting

Patrick and I have been very busy lately searching high and low for the perfect home. I’m happy to say that we finally picked one! It only took two days, but looking at 14 homes in that short span was exhausting. Ironically, the house we picked was the first one we looked at! I fell … More Villa Hunting


Some updates: Patrick and I passed our driving tests! I got a perfect score and Patrick missed two. 😉  Now all we need is a car. We explored the coastline today with some friends and loved every minute of it. “Gorgeous” would be an understatement. I had my first cappuccino (I don’t drink or usually … More E X P L O R E

Italy so far…

This last week has been a whirlwind! We were told we were leaving on Tuesday together, but let me briefly tell you what really happened. Since my passport and Mushu’s paperwork weren’t in yet, I dropped Patrick off at the airport, bawled like a baby, then went home, and waited for the mailman. The mail … More Italy so far…