Mozzarella di bufala

Patrick and I went on a day trip to a mozzarella factory, a buffalo farm, and explored some farmhouse ruins! In the mozzarella factory the men showed us how to make the mozzarella using their hands, instead of with the machines. The cheese mixture is kept in warm water until it’s ready to be made. … More Mozzarella di bufala

A look back on 2016

Despite the stigma that 2016 was horrible, it was an amazing year for us. (I don’t think it’s fair to say that the whole year was necessarily “bad” since there may be bad moments, but there are always good moments, too.) So, here’s why 2016 was the best year in our books: 1. To name … More A look back on 2016

Ciao, Y’all!

I love this phrase. I want to say it all the time even though it sounds so silly. My dad, who’s from New York, instilled in me to never say “y’all” ever. Never ever. I still don’t say that word, but this phrase is the perfect mix of my Texas roots, my Italian heritage, and … More Ciao, Y’all!

Light in the Dark

Today I had the privilege of dropping off donations of clothes for these children. Two Italian women, a mother and daughter, pick up roughly 30 children each morning to bring them to a building where they watch them during the day. (The building is donated to them as well as food and clothing items.) The … More Light in the Dark

Villa Hunting

Patrick and I have been very busy lately searching high and low for the perfect home. I’m happy to say that we finally picked one! It only took two days, but looking at 14 homes in that short span was exhausting. Ironically, the house we picked was the first one we looked at! I fell … More Villa Hunting

Italy so far…

This last week has been a whirlwind! We were told we were leaving on Tuesday together, but let me briefly tell you what really happened. Since my passport and Mushu’s paperwork weren’t in yet, I dropped Patrick off at the airport, bawled like a baby, then went home, and waited for the mailman. The mail … More Italy so far…